Employees accessing yt with a youtube proxy site during work hours

youtubeThis was a first for me my supervisor too. With a youtube proxy a employee recently went on youtube to watch videos instead of doing work. This was actually the first time I had heard of a youtube proxy. But from what I understand its a site that lets you get to other sites or unblock sites so you don’t have to access them directly. The site plays middle man. Here is the restaurant we have filtered internet access for this reason. We don’t want employees goofing off while they should be working. We also don’t want our internet connection slowing down. This can cause issues when attempted to process credit card transactions among other things. None the less he got a very big warning and we made it very clear that this was not acceptable. Sure some would say that he should have been fired on the spot. But we like to be a bit forgiving. If you are a restaurant owner or any other type of business owner, we suggest you check in on your employees from time to time. In this case it was just a youtube proxy that caused this. However in other case it could be much worse. We don’t condone micromanaging though. So don’t get carried away. You still have to trust your employees just a bit.